The cinema is an art show. He exhibits in public a film, that is to say, a work composed of a sequence of pictures in motion projected onto a carrier, usually a white screen, and mostly accompanied by a soundtrack . Since its invention, cinema has become both a popular art , an entertainment , an industry and media . It can also be used for purposes of propaganda , of teaching or scientific research . In French, we commonly refer to as the ” seventh art “, according to the expression of critical Ricciotto Canudo in the 1920s 1 .video production equipment documentary video production cinematography equipment
A film is composed of a series of pictures projected generally at a rate of 24 frames per second. It is the rapid succession of these images, differing on average slightly from each other, which, by illusion , provides a moving image to the viewer, including reproducing the movements and trajectories of real life. The persistence of vision , the phi effect and techniques of film projection to allow humans to see this series of discrete images in a visual continuum.
The term “film” is the apocope of ” cinema “(Greek κίνημα / Kinema “movement” and γράφειν / graphein , ‘write’), name given by Leon Bouly in 1892 to the projection device which he placed the patent. This polysemic word can describe the art, technique, or, by metonymy , the room in which it is intended. Particularly in this latter sense that the term itself is often colloquially abbreviated to “film” or “flicks”.
If the films are cultural artifacts from a culture specific which they reflect, their distribution is potentially universal through the development of techniques that have enabled global reach of the films, the subtitling or dubbing of dialogues and by their availability in domestic formats ( tape , DVD , Internet , etc..). They are also likely to become pure commercial products, in the sense that the sums drawn by this industry can be huge, despite production costs, given the potentially large number of paying spectators.

For film , you can hear the room or building where movies are released. Named “seventh art” , the film can be regarded as entertainment or as an art 6 .
Also means cinema projection images, animated or not they appear on a screen , and show it publicly. In this it differs from other audiovisual media such as television or the Internet , whose uses are typically domestic. To ensure a certain visual quality necessary for public viewing on screen, standard technical criteria have been defined and the halls of the commercial must meet (in France, they are defined by the TSA ). These criteria limit the production techniques and projection. Thus, any document is not filmed in the cinema. But the advent of home theater tends to make this difference even more blurred.
The term film can also define the art of how to make shots , usually allied with her ​​. We can illustrate this by the popular expression meaning “to make movies.”
On the other hand, the term film can be applied to a set of films with a common 7 . Generally, the word is completed by a factor that indicates a genre (eg horror films ), a geographical or cultural origin (the Australian film ), a school (the neo-realist cinema ) or a technique (the silent film ).
Finally, the word cinema can also speak generally of all activities related to the movies 8 . This is such a sense that can take the term in the terms ” film history “,” the film industry “or” news film. ”